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A&C Meet the Invisible Man

Adams Rib LC Set of 11(Spanish)

American In Paris LC Set of 11 (Spanish)

Amelie Poulain (French 47x63" & 16x24")

Annie Hall (French 47x63" & 16x24")

Atragon (Ital. 39x55")

Band of Angels (Italian)

Barabas (French)

Beatlemania (french 47x63")

Belle de Jour (Italian loc. 13x27")

Ben Hur (French 47x63" RR)

Big Boss (French 47x63" 15x24)

Blackboard Jungle (Italian 39x55")

Blue Hawaii (Ital. photobusta 18x27")

Brainstorm (french 47x63")

Breakfast at Tiffanys (Italian Photobusta Orig 18x27")

Breakfast Club (French 47x63" 16x24")

Brides Of Dracula (French 47x63")

Bride Sur Le Cou (French Bridget Bardot 24x32")

Bus Stop (French RR 24x32")

Call of the Wild (Yug. 19x27")

Capitan Le (French 47x63")

Casque D'Or (French 24x32")

Charge at Feather River (Ital. 39x55")

China seas LC Set of 11 (Spanish)

Circus of Horrors (Spanish)

Cleopatre (Ital. loc. 13x27")

Conquerer The (John Wayne)

Conversation The (Yugoslavian 19x27")

David and Bethsheba(Photobusta)

Death In Venice (Yug. 19x27")

Deer Hunter (french16x24")

Diamonds are Forever (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Diamonds are Forever Locandina RR(James Bond)

Dirty Dozen (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Don Giovanni (French MOZART)

Dr. No (Italian photobusta Orig. 13x27")

Dr. No Photobusta RR(Italian)

Dr. Zhivago (French)

El Dorado (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Enter the dragon (French)

Fabiola (French 47x63")

Fangio (Italian 55x78")

Fatal Attraction (French pantalon)

FBI Story (Italian 55x78")

Fighting Seabees (ital. 55x78")

Folies des grandeurs (Yves Montand)

From Russia With Love RR Locandina

Getaway (French Pantalon)

Godzilla 1980 (French 47x63"& 24x32")

Goldfinger Photobusta (Italian)

Good bad Ugly (French 24x32")

Good bad Ugly (French 47x63")

Good Morning Vietnam (french pantalon)

Graduate (The)

Guilietta Di Spirita (Yug 19x27")

Hello Dolly (Japanese)

High Noon (French 60's RR)

Hombre (French 47x63")

Il Etait une fois dans leWest (Sergio Leone 47x63")

Il etait Une Fois Dans Le Ouest (Yug 19x27")

Jaws 2 (French 47x63")

Jaws (Yug 19x27")

Jules and Jim (German)

Le Capitaine (Jean Marais French 47x63")

Lady and The Tramp (French 16x24")

La Guerre des Espace (Japanese film)

La Legion (French 47x63")

Last Detail (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Last Emperor (French 47x63")

La Traviata (French 16x24"& 47x63")

Le Distrait (French 24x32")

Liberty Valance (Ital. 39x55")

Liberty valance (Belgian 12x21")

Lolita American lobby cards

Lucky Luke (French-16x24")

Mad Max (French 24x32")

Magdalena (French 47x63")

Maitres de L'universe (french pantalon)

Magnificent 7 (French 47x63")

Man From Laramie (James Stewart Italian Photobusta)

Merlin (disney 47x63")

Merry Widow (American 1 sheet RR)

Mickey Topolino (Italian)

Midnight Cowboy (Yug. 19x27")

Miracle a Milano (Italian RR 39x55")

Misfits locandina

Monstres De La Mer (French 16x24")

Moonraker (James Bond)

Moonstruck (French 47x63")

Munsters Go Home (American Lobbies)

My fair Lady 1 (Italian Photobustas 1953; 26x37")

My Fair lady 2 (Italian Photobusta 1953 ;18x27")

My Fair Lady 3 (Italian Photobusta 1953 ; 26x37"

Never Say Never Again (Sean Connery)

Nineteen Forty One (belushi)

One Few Over Cuckoos Nest (Japanese)

Operation Petticoat (italian 13x27")

Out of Africa (French 16x24")

Papillion (Italian)

Papillion (French 24x32")

Pearl Harbor (French 47x63")

Popeye Film Festival (Belgian 1950)

Porgy and Bess (Ital. 13x27")

Prince and The Showgirl LC(Marilyn Monroe)

Quo Vadis (french RR 16x24")

Querelle (Andy Warhol, One Green)

Rambo (french 16x24")

Resuers The (French 47x63")

Riding Shotgun (Randolph Scott WC)

Rescuers The LC Set (french)

Rio Grande Patrol (American 1 sheet 27x41")

Rio Lobo (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Rocco and his Brothers (italian 55x78")

Roger rabbit (French 16x24")

Rossier de madame Husson (French Pagnol 47x63")

Rolling Stones Concert (1969)

Samson and Dalila (French 16x24")

Samson and Dalila (Yug 19x27")

Sans Mobile Apparent (Tritingnant 24x32")

Secret de La Vie (French 1932)

Seven Year Itch (German 60's 23x33")

Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (French 47x63")

Seventh Voyage Sinbad (french 47x63" RR)

Shalako (Yug. 19x27")

Souvenirs de Italie

Splendor in Grass (Yug. 19x27")

Springfield Rifle (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Sting The (french 47x63")

Sword in the Stone (French 47x63")

Tarzan and the Huntress (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Tarzan and the Leopard Queen (Yug 19x27")

Taxi Driver (French 47x63")

Terminus (Halliday)

Terrytoons (French 47x63")

Three Muskateers (Yug. 19x27")

Thunderball French 47x63" RR

Tootsie (French 47x63")

Torn Curtain (French 24x32")

Un Flic (French 24x32")

Unforgiven (Yug. 19x27")

Une Fois Dans L'Ouest (Yugoslavian 19x27")

Viva las vegas (Elvis)

Wall Street (French 47x63")

War and Peace Italian locandina (audrey hepburn)

War and Peace Italian (Italian 55x78")

Werewolf (Amer. 1 sheet)

West Side Story (French RR)

Woodstock (French 47x63")

Women in Window (Yug. 19x27")

You Only Live Twice (Italian 1 Sheet)